Antimicrobial Coatings on Metallic Piping

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Potential Damage to CPVC from Certain Antimicrobial Coatings on Metallic Piping

GF Harvel® BlazeMaster® CPVC fire sprinkler piping products have been installed successfully in combination with metallic piping for over 20 years when proper installation procedures are followed. Recently concerns have been raised regarding the use of certain antimicrobial coatings found on some steel pipe. Recent information indicates that certain antimicrobial coatings contain environmental stress cracking agents that can be detrimental to CPVC.

Georg Fischer Harvel LLC recommends that only non-coated steel pipe be used in conjunction with GF Harvel BlazeMaster CPVC, unless the antimicrobial coating being used on the steel pipe can be documented as being compatible with CPVC. The steel pipe manufacturer should be contacted to ensure that their products are compatible for use with CPVC prior to use.

In addition, the use of aftermarket antimicrobial coatings must not be used to apply to untreated steel pipe that is used in conjunction with CPVC, unless that coating has also proven to be compatible with CPVC.

Certain chemicals found in construction products and specific site preparation techniques can be detrimental to CPVC. In addition to antimicrobial coated steel pipe, products such as thread sealants, fire stop materials, cutting and packing oils, anti-freeze solutions and other ancillary products that may come into contact with CPVC should be investigated for compatibility prior to use. Additional information regarding chemical compatibility of GF Harvel CPVC piping products can be found here or by contacting GF Harvel Technical Services at (610) 252-7355.

Georg Fischer Harvel LLC also recommends that users of GF Harvel BlazeMaster CPVC visit the System Compatible website at to review compatibility information. The BlazeMaster System Compatibility Program tests and monitors ancillary products on an ongoing basis to ensure chemical compatibility with BlazeMaster CPVC products.

( 1/15/2009 )